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Since its foundation in 1996, Shenzhen Hengsheng smart card Co., Ltd. has now grown into a Hi-Tech entity with smart card as its core technology and become one of the biggest, most advanced, and best run manufacturers of IC cards in China through 13-years painstaking efforts. It is certified as high- Tech corporation by shenzhen Technology Bureau in April ,2000. 
   Corporation Culture Hengsheng smart card is just like a family.As time passes, not only Achievements has recorded in its history.What impresses most is the soul of Hengsheng smart card ,That is deeply rooted in the heart.AND the culture of Hengsheng smart card .
Codes of conduct of Hengsheng smart card teamHonesty and CredibilityTelling the truth and benevolence towards othersWork diligently and work enthusiasticallyJob loyalty and "service with a smile"Efficiency and striving for perfectionActive participationMake suggestions Determination in executionDemocracy in decision makingTeam effortOpen communicationsEnvision the benefits and face the risks as a teamConstant positive reinforcement and encourage critical thinkingLearn through positive reinforcement and constructive criticismEncourage each other and learn innovationBe Creative; Be Innovative
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