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What types of membership card types
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What types of membership card types it ? Here is Shenzhen card manufacturers description:

· Magnetic Card

Magnetic recording information is the use of the magnetic carrier , used to identify the identity of the card , or other purposes . Depending on different substrates , can be divided into PET magnetic card, PVC card and paper card three kinds ; depending on different magnetospheric structure can be divided into full- coated magnetic stripe cards and two kinds. Magnetic easy to use, inexpensive to extremely versatile , can be used to make credit cards, bank cards, subway cards, bus cards , ticket cards, phone cards ; electronic game cards, tickets, tickets and a variety of transport fare cards. Today, in many cases we will use magnetic cards, as in the canteen at the mall shopping, bus , phone calls, enter the control area and so forth.

· Prepaid card

Prepaid card having a certain denomination , a certain price , a one-time , non- repeated use of PVC cards or paper cards, used to give a particular prepaid card or renew a service , such as various game prepaid cards, game cards .

· IC card

IC card is integrated circuit card , the general common IC card using radio frequency technology and IC card reader to communicate. IC cards and magnetic there is a difference , IC card through the IC card storage information, and the magnetic card through the magnetic card to record information. IC card costs are generally higher than the card , but better privacy .

· Barcode cards

Barcode technology is widely used in commercial, postal , library management , warehousing, industrial process control , transportation and other areas of automatic identification technology, with input speed , high accuracy , low cost, reliability, etc. , in today's automatic identification technology plays an important role. Barcode technology is in the computer and information technology developed on the basis of a set of coding , printing, identification, data collection and processing in a technology. We bought from the supermarket 's fruit , honey , fruit boxes, honey pot will certainly be encoded , whether supermarket own series of barcodes , or barcodes on goods makers mark .

Many different types of bar codes , there are about two dozen common symbologies including : Code39 code ( standard 39 yards ), Codabar Code ( Codabar ), Code25 code ( standard 25 yards ), ITF25 yards ( cross 25 yards ) , Matrix25 code ( matrix 25 yards ), UPC-A code , UPC-E code , EAN-13码(EAN-13 barcode international commodity ), EAN-8码(EAN-8 barcode international commodity ) , China Post code ( matrix 25 yards a variant ), Code-B code , MSI code ,, Code11 code , Code93 code , ISBN code , ISSN code , Code128 yards (Code128 yards, including EAN128 code ), Code39EMS (EMS dedicated 39 yards ) , etc. one -dimensional bar codes and PDF417 two-dimensional bar code.

Currently, the international widely used bar code types are EAN, UPC code ( barcode, used in the world that uniquely identifies a commodity. Most common in supermarkets is this bar code ), Code39 code ( numbers and letters can be expressed , the most widely used in the management area ), ITF25 code ( in logistics management application more), Codebar code ( used for medical , library area ), Code93 code , Code128 codes. Which , EAN code is the world's widely used barcode, electronic data has become an interchange (EDI) basis ; UPC code mainly for the U.S. and Canada ; barcode in various application systems , Code39 code number can be used for its letters together form the way the internal management in various industries are widely used ; in blood banks, libraries and Zhao Xiangguan business , Codebar code is also widely used.

· Password Card

Password card , also known as distance card called dense in Hong Kong and Taiwan dumping cards. 200 cards, 201 cards, 300 cards are such a card . This card is not only in the field of communications , in teleconferencing, business competition , promotions and news interviews also play a role . Users need to advance a certain amount to buy a prepaid card with a password or account number as the customer buy a phone card , can be in any one pair of tone telephone to make international and domestic calls , dial the access number password such as 200 , then turn dial card numbers, passwords , they can hit you need the phone number , the computer will be based on your speaker locations, then place and talk time by automatically calculated and deducted charges. The card greatly facilitate the flow of customers, but the drawback is unable to tell you the balance , speech, balance is depleted due to the temporary interruption.

Password versatile card , game cards , game cards, telecommunications recharge cards, prepaid cards , learning cards , network cards, monthly cards belong password card category.

· Smart Card

A smart card is an IC card ( Integrated Circuit Card ) of one , with a CPU and RAM, so free to handle a large number of data to the host CPU does not interfere with the work . Smart cards can also filter the erroneous data , in order to reduce the burden on the host CPU . Adapted to a larger number of ports and faster communication speed requirements of the occasion .

· PVC card

PVC material Chinese name: PVC English Scientific name : Poly (Vinyl Chloride), a card with PVC material called PVC cards . PVC is referred to, is a polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent , modifier , after mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other processes from the material . PVC material is light weight , heat insulation , thermal insulation, moisture-proof , fire-retardant , easy construction and so on. Size, color , design variety , highly decorative , producing VIP and some will be used in everyday life Lika are the same material.

· Metal Card

Metal card is generally VIP Gold Member Gold, preferential Gold, Gold Card , Gold statues and other products , the use of precious metal materials and 18K, 24K gold surface processing, the multi-channel traditional craft and modern advanced technology refined. Fusion of modern design, extreme performance style. Extraordinary creativity , elegant , with a collection of gift value . Can be used for business gifts advertising gifts. Such Gold series use advanced imported copper, by stamping, etching , plating, paint and other filling processes Seiko made . It has a unique three-dimensional relief and gold -like color , is to produce high-end VIP cards, membership cards, commemorative cards, calendar cards material of choice.

· Video card

Video card / replication Card Video card ( also known as : Rewrite Card , easy video card , rewritten cards, place cards , digital replication cards, Windows IT card , heat-sensitive replication cards, magnetic stripe cards, heat ) , is with a heat-sensitive material made new technology products.

IT is a new video card epoch-making technology products through specialized IT visual media card printer card information stored as text , graphics and other forms printed on the card surface and permanently remain on the card surface , until the next IT card printer to use visual deleted to achieve information visualization ; card information and print content synchronization and can be rewritten many times rewritable updated more than 500 times . IT is an absolute visual card to establish a good relationship with customers an ideal tool for IT through visual card, you can allow cardholders to know the latest information on the card , such as personal data is modified , membership benefits has been updated , the latest the company promotional messages , etc., can real-time display on the card surface .

Visual IT card technology is the core thermal rewritable magnetic material with a combination of smart cards . Visual IT card coated with a layer of thermal rewritable materials, through visual IT card printers print head will have to be reflected in the card information to high-temperature hot surfaces. As a result of the thermal rewritable technology , video card printers IT process does not require the use of consumables , printing of each card can be repeated 500 times or more times , each time of 2-3 seconds printed , print sharpness is 300dpi, can be applied as an ordinary magnetic stripe card type card, IC chip cards , contactless cards , printed in almost an entire card surface finish .

Non-contact IC card ·

Non-contact IC card RF card called non-contact IC card , was born in the early 1990s , is the world in recent years developed a new technology, it succeeded in radio frequency identification technology and IC card technology together to resolve passive ( no power supply card ) and free access to this problem , the field of electronic devices is a major breakthrough . Since the existence of magnetic and contactless IC card incomparable advantages, so that by the advent of one , it immediately aroused widespread concern, and at an alarming rate used widely .

Non-contact type IC card by the IC chip, the sensor antenna, and is completely sealed in a standard PVC card , the non- exposed parts . Non-contact type IC card reading and writing process , usually by non-contact type IC card and reader via radio waves to perform read and write operations . Mainly used for bus , ferry, subway automatic toll collection system , also used in access control, identification and electronic purse .

· Paper Card

Paper card ( scratch card password card stripping stripping ) is a newborn , environmentally friendly paper cards, PVC materials are gradually replacing the card with the trend , it is more used in fast moving consumer goods industry and cultural entertainment such as games, audiovisual , etc., than the end of its cost , the advantages of simple production of widely accepted use for the community .

Paper card ( scratch card password card stripping stripping ) the use of very wide range of mobile phone recharge cards is a good paper a representative . Prevailing market mobile phone recharge cards in addition to providing a password , the plastic card itself is useless , prepaid card users and very much common mobile phone recharge cards are plastic , not degrade , the user is exhausted readily fling, will caused no small environmental problems. In contrast , paper cards no pollution, is a green card is issued by a variety of phone cards nationwide , an alarming number on the card , they can not explain made ​​from PVC plastic card sheets , has brought a lot of "perennial garbage . " To curb this alarming growth rate of disposable garbage and some fabrication unit from an environmental point of beginning to take alternative measures . This paper instead of plastic cards prepaid card , the monthly prepaid card hundreds of millions of abandoned polluted environment situation will be greatly improved. Moreover , the paper cards safer to avoid scratch card face , password theft and use of unknown duration and other issues .

· Scratch

Scratch is an overlay on the card numbers and letters passwords and other text of the coating, so scratch cards also known as password laminating cards, account cards or Debit card password . Scratch cards are widely used in telecommunications, IT, catering, supermarkets and education sectors . Especially in the telecommunications industry, telephone cards , because the industry's peculiarities , so scratch into a portfolio , so the card manufacturers of materials, printing , password, coverage and other aspects of the design to be higher than other industries , in the telecommunications industry generally called scratch card billing phone password . In other industries from the use of multiple game cards , network cards, lottery cards and learning cards.
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