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RD External Card Reader
RD Series IC Card Reader can operate Memory card and CPU card, provide three card sockets and support operations on various card models.
RD Self-contained Card Reader
With the same function as external RD Series Reader / Writer, self-contained RD Series Card Reader / Writer can be put inside any PC as it is only about 3” floppy disk in size, which wins great favor from wide range of users. This reader / writer supports only serial communication but many card operations.
Dolphin Series Dual
Dolphin (DP) Series Reader / Writer is a novel dual-card socket reader / writer. It can meet increasing demand of people for security, secrecy and reliability much better with perfect functions and low costs.
Contactless Handheld IC Card Reader / Writer
1. Sky Eagle Series 2. Sky Aigrette Series 3. Sky Snipe Series
Contactless IC Card Reader / Writer ----- RF Series
The RF-25/RF-100 RF reader/writer is a contactless read/write device for ICC, connecting with PC via the RS232/485 interface.
RF Development Board
The RF20/RF50 RF development board is the inbuilt read/write module for developing various RF card devices, with the basic functions of access to the FR cards.


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