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Common classification of smart cards
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The following card manufacturers in Shenzhen common classification for smart card introduction :

One , depending on the card can be divided into different application areas :

(1) Financial Card: Also known as bank cards, they can be divided into two kinds of credit cards and cash cards . The former is for consumer payment, according to pre-set amount of overdraft funds ; latter as an electronic wallet or e- books, but can not be overdrawn .

(2) Non-financial card : Also known as non- bank cards, involving a very wide range of financial cards that actually contain all outside areas such as telecommunications, tourism, education and public transport and so on.

3 traffic card : a widely

4 The application card : now wider application , such as the recent social security card vigorously promoted . Smart Card (Smart card or IC Card), also known as smart cards, smart cards, IC cards and IC cards, is pasted or embedded integrated circuit chip a portable plastic card . The card contains a microprocessor , I / O interface, and a memory , the data is calculated and stored in the access control function , the size of the card , the contact is currently defined by the ISO standardized and unified , the main specification of ISO7810 . Common are telephone IC card , IC card identification , as well as some traffic ticket and card.

Second, according to the different chip set is divided into :

1 Memory card: card chip electrically erasable programmable read only memory EEPROM (Electrically Erasable ProgrammableRead-onlyMemory), and the address decoding circuitry and the instruction decoding circuit . In order to make it a 0.76mm plastic encapsulated in kaki , the special structure made ​​of 0.3mm thin . Memory card is a passive card , usually synchronous communication. This card storage , easy to use , inexpensive , can replace the card on many occasions . But these IC card does not have the security function, which is generally used to store confidential information need . For example on the use of emergency medical card , catering menu card with customers . Common memory card ATMEL Corporation AT24C16, AT24C64 etc.

2 logic encryption card : These cards have a memory card in addition to the EEPROM , but also with encryption logic , each read / write card before the first password authentication. If successive password validation error , the card will be self-locking, become a dead card . From the data management, password verification and identification is concerned, logic encryption card is a passive card , using synchronous communication . This class card storage capacity is relatively small, relatively cheap, there is a certain confidentiality requirements applicable to the occasion , such as canteen cards, phone cards , public utilities charge card . Common logic encryption card SIEMENS Corporation SLE4442, SLE4428, ATMEL company AT88SC1608 so on.

3.CPU Card: class chip contains a microprocessor unit (CPU), memory unit (RAM, ROM and EEPROM), and an input / output interface unit . Which , RAM for storing intermediate data during operation , ROM in curing a chip operating system COS (Chip OperatingSystem), and EEPROM for storing the cardholder's personal information and the issuance of units of the relevant information . CPU management information encryption / decryption and transmission , and strictly guard against unauthorized access to card information and found several illegal access, the corresponding information will be locked area ( high- level commands can also be used to unlock ) . CPU card has a capacity of some small, the price is higher than the logic encryption card . But a good CPU card processing capability , and good security performance , making it the main direction of the IC card development . CPU card applies particularly high confidentiality requirements of the occasion, such as debit cards , military secret pass cards. More well-known international provider of CPU card has Gemplus, G & D, Schlumberger and so on.

4 Super Smart Card : In the CPU card based on the increase keyboard, LCD display, power supply , which has become a super-smart card , the card also has some fingerprint identification device . VISA international credit card organizations that test a super card with 20 healthy , can display 16 characters , in addition to timing , the computer exchange rate function, but also stores personal information, medical , travel data, and phone number.

Third, depending on the card interface for data exchange with the outside world is divided into different :

1 -contact IC card : class card reader device through the IC card contacts with the contact IC card reading and writing data after contact . ISO7816 international standard for such cards mechanical properties, electrical properties , etc. of the stringent requirements.

(2) non-contact type IC card : card and IC card such equipment without electrical contacts , but by non-contact reader technology to read and write ( such as optical or wireless ) . The embedded chip in addition to CPU, logic unit , a storage unit , the increase of RF transceiver circuitry. International Standard ISO10536 series elaborated on the non-contact IC card requirements. This class card is generally used in frequent use , a relatively small amount of information , high reliability requirements of the occasion.

3 dual interface card: contactless IC card and contactless IC card combined into one card , the operating independence, but can share the CPU and storage space.

Fourth, according to the card exchange with the outside of the type of data transmission is divided into :

1 Serial IC card : IC card for data exchange with the outside world , the data stream in accordance with the serial input and output, electrode contact less , usually six or eight . Since the serial IC card interface is simple , easy to use , and is currently the largest use . As defined in the international standard ISO7816 IC card is such a card .

2 Parallel IC card : IC card data exchange with the outside world is done in parallel , there are more electrode contacts , generally between 28-68 . Mainly has two benefits , one for data exchange speed , the second is under the existing conditions can significantly increase the storage capacity .
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